Preparing for flight:
Looking towards
your future

Before you pack your bag for take-off, spend a moment exploring our rough guide to your journey ahead - and don't go anywhere without knowing the three golden rules:

First Up:

This is your life, your HIV and your journey. That means you make the rules, you choose where you’re going and you decide how you’re going to get there. Think of yourself as the pilot, not the passenger.


Understand that HIV can accelerate the ageing process.1 That’s not to say you’ve got to swap Mykonos mayhem for birdwatching in Bridport, just get to know the risks that HIV may pose to your mental and physical health and consider making small changes to your lifestyle accordingly.


Remember, even seasoned pilots need a compass and planes need a regular MOT. Create your own check list to help speak to your doctor, other health professionals and support workers. Their expertise can help you take the right route to your destination – a happy and healthy life.