Be part of decisions
about you

Every person receiving treatment and care from NHS England has rights as a patient. You are entitled to the best care – but it's not just down to your healthcare team, you have an important role to play too.

Your healthcare team is amazing

You're not alone if you adore your healthcare team. The dedication of doctors and nurses in the NHS can see you through thick and thin. Many people trust their doctor like no other.

When you respect your doctor this much, it is easy to leave the decisions to them. Asking questions can feel unnecessary or awkward. But if you respect your healthcare team, you'll want to help them do the best job they can for you. This includes planning for tomorrow, as well as discussing how your health is today.


We are all individuals, and our treatment and care should be as individual as we are. Doctors and nurses have your best interests in mind, but you can help them by telling them as much as possible about YOU.

To help you think of what you might like to discuss with your doctor or others in your healthcare team, our healthcare rights guide has a few questions to consider. For example, do you have needs relating to your age and lifestyle when choosing treatment? This could include travel, work, and family life. Do you understand the information you have been given, or do you have any unanswered questions?

The NHS works best when you are fully involved in decisions about your health. That is one of the reasons why healthcare rights are enshrined in the NHS Constitution.

You have the right:

To treatment that meets your needs and preferences

To be involved in making decisions about your health care

To be given information about all the treatment options available to you

Our short guide to these rights may be helpful when speaking to your doctor or nurse about your HIV treatment.

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